Safety in your carpark for pedestrians and vehicles through car park line marking

Car Park Line marking ensures safety

Having a well thought out and bright car park ensures that pedestrians have a clear and concise path when navigating your carpark, 

this can incorporate many different line marking designs such as hatched (sergeant striped) areas that warn vehicles to stay out. This gives pedestrians a safe area to move in and out of their vehicle or even keeps dangerous or frequently used areas free from vehicle traffic.

Pedestrian crossings are another useful marking. these alert traffic to areas of high pedestrian use and encouraging vehicles to look for hazards before proceeding.

the most important type of car park line markings are the car park paint lines. these delineate the vehicles using your car park and ensure that each vehicle is placed neatly to allow maximum capacity while also giving the right amount of room for people to open their doors and exit their vehicles. 

There is a commonly accepted sizing for this. 2.5 metres wide and 5.5 metres long is the industry standard and is a good balance between functionality for the car drivers and their passengers and utilising the most space.

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Giving your company a fresh look through carpark linemarking

the best part of fresh new car park paint line marking

bright and effective car park line marking is a reflection of a well equipped and well prepared business. It allows customers to easily transition from their vehicles to your store or business. As Car park line paint fades it becomes less clear where customers or employees are meant to position their vehicles. 

quickly a shopping centre or business can find issues with cars parking over lines or in areas that should be clear of vehicles. this leads to frustration in finding an adequate area to park, damage to vehicles positioned too closely too each other or vehicles parked in spaces meant to be clear for access of other vehicle types or mobility impaired users.



Car park line marking in sydney is executed in accordance with basic guidelines issued by your local government, rest easy knowing Stripe Line Marking use only current specifications and the best possible equipment and materials.


Whether you require existing parking bays or new parking bays installed we offer a range of services to cover every need. We use quick-drying and highly durable water-based and epoxy or solvent paints to provide high longevity in all our markings


years of experience in the line marking industry, we have a deep understanding of the ever changing line marking specifications, we can provide spotting and Linemarking services to any australian standard

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