Car parks and bollards

meet local gov. standards

With ever changing regulation of carpark line marking, hire the experts and be confident you meet & exceed current carpark Specifications.

Give your company a fresh touch

new techniques

using the latest products and design techniques Stripe Linemarking can go the extra mile to give your business a new flare.

From custom made thermoplastic logos to bollards and different paint colours.


Car park line marking in sydney is executed in accordance with basic guidelines issued by your local government, rest easy knowing Stripe Line Marking use only current specifications and the best possible equipment and materials.


Whether you require existing parking bays or new parking bays installed we offer a range of services to cover every need. We use quick-drying and highly durable water-based and epoxy or solvent paints to provide high longevity in all our markings


years of experience in the line marking industry, we have a deep understanding of the ever changing line marking specifications, we can provide spotting and Linemarking services to any australian standard

stripe line marking, as easy as the click of a button

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