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We offer a start to finish linemarking package this involves discussing with you the perfect layout to give you a car park or road fit to australian standards and lasting to meet your needs for years to come. 

working with the best paints to offer no compromises on performance but to give a cost efficient package that will meet the lasting needs of your project. 

thermoplastic or cold applied plastic materials can offer significant improvements to durability on high use areas. such as road ways or large car parks where a return on investment is found through  the significantly longer longevity of the line markings.

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Car park line marking can be a consistent headache for busy shop owners or property managers. Stripeline only offers the highest quality products to suit your project. using only the highest quality products means we can guarantee the wheel stops and painting solutions we provide will be consistent and hard wearing.

whether we are painting bitumen road sections in waterborne paints or concrete sealers with solvent based paint line marking on top. our line markings consistently offer the best return on investment through years of standing up to the hard wearing conditions of their applications. this is achieved by only using the best products from reputable road and car park marking paint and product manufacturers like Ennis-Flint or Crystalite.

Get in contact with our team now for a no obligation quote. we would love to chat about how we can create a unique and lasting solution for you.

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whether you have road markings or shopping centres to be painted stripeline takes the same care and diligence in providing our wide range of services and products. experts in thermoplastics, cold applied plastics and spray applied paints. contact us now for an obligation free quote with a twenty four hour (24 hour) turn around time.

our line markers are happy to visit your site if you do not have accurate drawings/photos of your project to work on your free or if youre more comfortable working through the site to get a better picture of what products and colours suit your needs best.

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