Retro Reflective Markers are a vital tool of line marking services providers for night time visibility

High Quality Retro Reflective Markers Material

retro reflective markers are primarily used to guide traffic during the night, these markers use highly reflective materials to give a clear direction for traffic to move.

our products are sourced from the best Australian line marking product manufacturers such as Ennis-Flint. This ensures that all our services can have the best possible service of life by using only the highest quality products. Sourcing from Australian businesses also ensures they’re designed and tested for the harsh Australian environment.

raised reflective pavement markers (RRPMS) have not changed in style over time. However key features of retro reflective markers are always being adjusted.  although there is a wide range on a refraction index these markers must use very specific angle to ensure they reflect light optimally.

notable changes to the base of the marker to assist in adhesion to the road surface.  As well as extra structures specifically arranged inside the marker. These allow them to better withstand the constant damaging force from large vehicles and extreme temperatures.

Retro Reflective markers(RRPMS) are used in many different areas.

Changing Retro Reflective Markers Technology

even with advancements in all areas of line marking, RRPMS continue to excel in delivering road awareness and high-risk accident zones to drivers.

Raised pavement markers come in a large variety of different shapes colours and styles. Including LED based markers with solar panels that allow them to charge through the day and flash or illuminate at night. This greatly improves vision for drivers, pedestrians and other road or car park users of hazards obstacles or where to position themselves on the road.

Sometimes raised pavement markers are used to delineate car park spacing, under the right circumstances this can provide an excellent long term solution for small car parks where longevity of markings is of concern. other alternatives where a solid line is preferred would be thermoplastic or cold applied plastics.

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Temporary solutions for work sites under construction or pre-line marking

Temporary raised marker solutions

Raised Pavement markers also come in a temporary style marker. These are made of a strong traffic load grade plastic. They generally feature a retro reflective strip to aid night guidance.

To Stick to the road the markers have a very durable and strong bitumen adhesive. These are applied by removing the plastic seal and very simply placing and pushing the marker into the ground with your foot. These temporary markers are often known as stick and stops for this reason. 

Temporary raised pavement markers are extremely useful in the line marking industry. While they provide a temporary solution for guiding traffic they also act as a spot marker for the line marking to be reinstated on new road sections.

This can save considerable costs. Through less requirement of traffic control set-ups and a reduction in spot out time for Line markers.

This means less delays for traffic and a quicker easier road construction system.

Temporary Pavement markers are available in many colours but most commonly red, white and yellow markers are used similar to their permanent counter-parts.

Although Primarily Used On Roads, A Passive Marker Is Sometimes Used In Place Of Paint For Car parking Line marking. a spherical marker with a dome top shape And No Reflective Properties And Provide A Durable Alternative To Typical Painted Carparks.

Flat markers with Led lights embedded can offer a cool touch to an outdoor space 24 hours a day. a creative use for active markers is to illuminate walkways and seating areas

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